Every day there is a time devoted to concerts held by our Guest and International Artists.
Listening is an important part of the professional growth of each of us.

It is a special moment to focus not only on performance for taking new ideas, but, above all, to rediscover through listening to the beauty of the music itself.

Among all, the world premiere concert is focused on new proposals, in order to disseminate and increase the piccolo repertoire.


Daily Warm-up is the beginning of all International Piccolo Festival Mornings.
Active performers, auditors and participants can join the session. 

Day by day each Guest Artist explains a personal idea to approach the different aspects of the piccolo. 
They give suggestions about how to improve sound, mechanism and much more. 

After this moment, Guest Artists’ Masterclasses begin.
Some lessons are with the pianist so you can choose if you prefer a class with orchestral excerpts, repertoire for piccolo solo or repertoire with piano.
We will create a specific masterclass schedule that will be communicated to you in advance and everyone can know:

– Where Guest Artists are,
– Who is in class for the lesson,
– What is played,
– When it is played
You can listen and interact with Guest Artists, increase learning and compare with them every day. At the Festival it will be possible for you to organise not only your active performer classes but also your auditor lessons, based on your wish and on what you need!

Getting in touch with as many realities as possible and with the different points of view can help us to make the best decisions and to understand better too. 

This is the reason why it is very important in the International Piccolo Festival to have the exhibitors room. In this space it’s possible to have the experts at your disposal every day. 

In addition, during the festival participants can assist at the Guests or Exhibitors’ interviews.
Knowing the biggest personalities in the piccolo world, their path of growth, their experience, it’s always  a special and deep moment for personal reflection and knowledge!