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General information & rules
It’s possible to submit your application for both “Proposal Concert” and “Lectures”. Fill in this form twice if you want to.- The application form is available from 20th Febraury 2020 (00:00 am) until 30 April 2020 (11:59 pm).
– All interested should apply. Anyone can submit the application.
– It’s possible to submit for both. If you want to submit for both, you have to fill in twice.
– Registration to the Festival is not required.
– Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
– The presence of the piccolo within the chosen program is mandatory.
– Partecipation is free.
– Carefully read all details related to required selections.
– No repertoire substitutions will be accepted.
– Entrants chosen to perform or present at the International Piccolo Flute 2020 agree to appear their own expense.
– The organization riserve the right to comunicate the results of the selection on time.